Real encouragement from people like you.

“Studying through this book has been such a blessing and challenge. It has caused me to revisit some truths that I have known for a long time, but have seen them in a better way. The exhortation to be living in such a way that I show forth God’s firstness (i.e. His supremacy) in my life is a continual challenge. I have become more aware of doing so, but still have, what I see, as a long way to go. In the chapter entitled ‘Tis Mystery All’ I was particularly provoked to thought and action by Dr. Berg’s summation of the book of Ecclesiastes when he wrote ‘Life is supposed to taste like cardboard if you insist on eating the box!’ How true! How true! Praise God for His continual work in our lives to prod us on to showing forth His glory in our lives. I thank the Lord For His ‘goads’ and the ‘nails’ that He has given to produce His likeness in me. Thank you, Dr. Berg, for allowing God to use you to write this book.”

Rhoda– Greenville, SC