Resources for people in need.

When trying to learn more of God and His ways, it’s important to immerse yourself in things which will help you see Him more clearly. We want to provide you with resources to help you learn more of God—whatever your spiritual level. In order to help, we’ve made available several of Dr. Berg’s messages, the complete audio seminar of Created for His Glory, chapters from several of his books, and video footage from the Created for His Glory DVD seminar, all free of charge.



The complete Created for His Glory seminar available for download! (separate page) Sermons preached to the students at BJU. All files in MP3 format.
(Windows: right-click, "Save Target As..." to download. Mac: option-click to download.)

Anxiety: The Silent Killer (5.4MB)

Learning to "be anxious for nothing."

Rejoicing in the Cross (9.5MB)

The centrality of the Cross in the Christian life

How to Quiet a Noisy Soul (9.1MB)

Refocusing our hearts on God

God’s Secret of Satisfaction (10.2MB)

Lessons on the meaning of life from Ecclesiastes