Created for His Glory

The term “abundant life,” is used today in a wide variety of circles, and has come to mean different things to different people. The more attention the subject gets however, the more obscure, and evasive it has seemed to become to many Christians. Created for His Glory book Created for His Glory, the second book in Jim Berg’s immensely popular discipleship series, takes a biblical and liberating look at this attainable treasure. The key?—understanding the full scope of God’s purpose for the believer in redemption. And knowing how to confront or avoid day by day, the common misconceptions and pitfalls that weaken a Christian’s walk with the Lord. Created for His Glory blends practical knowledge with contagious exuberance, making it a powerful, effective tool for teachers and other believers.

Like its predecessor, Changed Into His Image, Created for His Glory comes with a well-paced workbook to reinforce in the reader’s mind what the Bible says, and show him how to personally apply it. Scripture reading and memory, fill-in-the-blank reviews and meditations, all serve to make these powerful truths come alive for believers new, and “old!”